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Drone Licence Training

The importance of correct drone operation is critical, especially at a time when many misused drones are encroaching into British airspace and interfering in aircraft – potentially putting thousands of lives at risk.

Last year alone, 13 reported cases of ‘near misses’ were documented at London airports alone. As a result, this year a public dialogue has been commissioned.

This is very real threat, and the importance of correct drone training is being backed by UAVAir, the UK’s leading drone training academy. It is calling for improved drone safety within British airspace.

UAVAir is able to offer official CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) approved drone training, with full CAA approved drone licences available upon passing its training.

Speaking about the importance of experienced and trained drone operators, Helen Cope, Marketing Manager for UAVAir, revealed, “Although current drone regulations must be re-assessed to move the industry forward, we do not believe that this is the core factor causing safety concerns due to drones potentially colliding with manned aircraft, and other instances of them flying in unnecessary areas. The problem lies in each drone user being uneducated or unaware of these rules.”

“When obtaining a commercial drone qualification, each candidate must demonstrate and is tested on their thorough understanding of the Air Navigation Order, created by the CAA to regulate the UK’s airspace. They must also pass a flight assessment, showing they are capable of operating their drone safely. With this kind of intensive training, risk of dangerous flight practice is reduced.”

“It will be interesting to learn what comes of this public dialogue and what changes this will make the drones regulation in the UK. Until then, we encourage any drone operator who wants to ‘do their bit’ for the industry to consider gaining a licence in order to learn best practice and improve their technique.”

UAVAir courses, offer UAQ (Unmanned Aerial Qualification) training throughout the UK, led by a team of aerial experts.
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