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Price Hike for Ski Holidays

In research carried out by Tesco Bank, it is reported that the cost of a skiing trip this winter season will increase by almost a quarter compared to the same time last year.

The research, which compared a six day lift pass in 1,995 worldwide ski resorts, saw even the commonly best value for money resorts shoot up in price.

Take for example, Bulgaria. A firm favourite with skiers, especially for its value for money prices, however, the Tesco Bank research shows that some resorts have seen an increase in their prices by a staggering 65.5%.

Midpoint increases were the USA, with an average increase of 28% and Canada, with an average increase of 25.1%.

Bottom end of the increases was Andorra, which had only increased by 11%.

Despite this, the UK holidaymaker loves their skiing break, and this news has not deterred over a third of the 2,000 people polled. From those polled, 42% would opt for hitting the slopes in Switzerland – which has only seen an increase of 15%.