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Trump Could See UK Tourism Fall

According to a survey carried out by Travelzoo, the US is set to see a slump in the number of British tourists over the next year.

Following the shock announcement of Donald Trump as President 31% of UK travellers have said they will now reconsider travel plans to the US, whilst 20% said they would definitely not be visiting.

Speaking about the survey, said Joel Brandon-Bravo, Travelzoo’s UK Managing Director, said, “In terms of direct impact for British holidaymakers, most market commentators have been predicting a slump in the dollar – and even before Trump’s victory was confirmed, the value of the dollar was in free-fall across the global market,”

As well as the survey showing a likely decline by UK tourists, Travelzoo also predicts an increase in UK tourism for neighbouring Canada.

Mr Brandon-Bravo added, “We see this as a double edged sword for the UK economy; while on the one hand a continued slump may negate the impact of the pounds devaluation post Brexit, it may also deter US travellers from visiting the UK, something the industry here will need to address.”