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Best budget airline is…

In a recent poll, the best budget airline in Europe award goes to…

… easyJet.

The low cost airline has been voted as the winner, beating off stiff competition from Ryanair and Norwegian.

The poll, carried out by online travel agent, eDreams, asked 16,000 travellers across Europe, including those in the UK, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, and Spain about their favourite low cost airlines, and 63% UK participants voted for easyJet.

Part of the poll was based on each airline’s customer service and overall flying experience.

The top three airlines were voted as, in first place, easyJet; in second place, Ryanair with 44% of the vote; and in third place, Monarch with 21% of the vote.
One of those people polled, said, “My favourite airline is easyJet and I don’t think they need to improve. I have been travelling with them for 18 years and never had a problem – and hardly a delay.”

Interestingly however, the poll results also showed that many low cost airline travellers have a few gripes over costs…

42% claimed that so called low cost airlines are getting more and more expensive. What’s more, 32% said they found low cost airline as expensive as scheduled and charter services, especially in peak travel periods or when additional ‘add-ons’ were applied.