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The Foreign and Commonwealth Office Reminds Over Importance of Travel Insurance.

With a third of UK holiday makers travelling without travel insurance, and a fifth falsely believing that the Government will bring them back to the UK, or pay for any treatment they may need, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office earlier this year launched their ‘Grab a bargain… not more than you bargained for’ campaign to highlight the importance of going overseas with travel insurance.

And so, as the Great British Getaway has firmly set in, the FCO are urging those travelling abroad not to forget essential travel insurance.

In the UK, we all know that medical treatment is covered by the NHS. However, the NHS is a unique institution with no similar offering being available anywhere in the world. All medical treatment must be paid for, whether that’s a minor scratch and a few stitches or a major trauma.

A good travel insurance policy will cover such treatment including urgent medical treatment, along with repatriation costs whereby the patient is brought back to the UK.

Just take a look at the staggering costs common medical treatment costs on the continent…

• Treating a sprained ankle in Corfu –Approx. £500
­ Or a designer handbag

• Stitches in Tenerife – Approx. £500
­ Or a yearly gym membership

• Hospitalised for a stomach bug in France for 3 days – Approx. £2,000
­ A chunk of next year’s holiday

• A broken leg in the USA – Approx. £40,000
A deposit on a house!

• An MRI scan in Ibiza – Approx. £1,000
­ A high spec laptop

• Emergency surgery for a broken leg in Palma, Spain –Approx. £6,145
­ A brand new car

• An air ambulance in southern Spain / Canaries – Approx. £25,000
­ Or a deposit for a house

So wherever you are travelling to this year, be sure to take out a travel insurance policy covering all members of the travelling party – both adults and children.