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Flybe To Offer Domestic Heathrow Flights?

It is believed that Flybe are to go head to head with British Airways on domestic flights out of Heathrow.

The regional airline is said to be looking at picking up routes previously operated, and dropped two years ago, by Little Red.

Little Red was the brain child of Sir Richard Branson, and saw itself competing with BA on domestic routes; however it ceased trading a few years ago.

Now, BA has the monopoly on flights from Heathrow to Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Manchester.

So, as Heathrow look to release Little Red’s slots, BA must wait for competitors to have first refusal in a bid for fairness – as part of the covenant agreement on their takeover bid of BMI British Midland.

So rare are Heathrow slots, and expensive too, it is thought they will be taken without delay by airlines keen to get into the domestic London market.