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‘Gung-Ho’ Attitudes Says Councillor Over Second Runway Plans

West Sussex County Council will debate the expansion of Gatwick Airport again next week, however, one Councillor has said the views of many is ‘gung-ho’.

Labour Councillor Michael Jones has spoken out, saying fellow politicians and Councillors living near the South coast can afford to be ‘gung-ho’ about a possible second Gatwick runway as they will not be affected by it.

He’s expressed his concerns in advance of the forthcoming environmental and community services select committee meeting, whereby the second runway plans will be discussed.

Councillor Jones said “If you look at that committee there’s a mismatch with members geographically scattered all over the county and an awful lot representing coastal divisions rather than ones actually near the airport.”

The County Council supports the Airport’s plans ‘in principal’ for the economic benefits it will bring to the region, however, they have called for Gatwick Airport to focus its needs on the local community as well as its own passengers.

Councillor Jones added, “One of the things that’s been striking is all those councillors from far off places, who are more than prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice for the benefit of the county. Those of us with constituencies near Gatwick don’t quite feel so gung-ho about it.”